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02 April 2007 @ 05:35 pm
Home? Or: Am I done yet?  
Well, I had a very good spring break. Spent a lot of time with Dani (actually, hardly spent any time apart) and visited with the parents (which was actually somewhat hectic--no more of this alternating houses business). Got lots of wedding planning done--we ordered invitations, picked out tuxes for all those who are wearing them and got myself and Brenton (my best man) fitted for same, we met our photographer and got engagement photos taken (and ironically I was the only one who didn't get a copy of the CD...) and we even registered for wedding gifts. I guess even this early people had been bugging Dani about that last one.

Dani and I also drove out to UC Davis on thursday to visit the econ department, which was a very good experience. Among other things, we learned that it's very likely (almost certain) that she'll be able to get funding there, despite not getting a TA-ship from the econ department. It seems that several other departments like Poli-Sci, Math and Sociology always need more TA's every year, and will frantically hire econ students every fall. So now it's really just a question of whether Amherst lets Dani in and whether or not we decide that it's really a better school. Dani taking a year off in hopes of being admitted at Amherst next year isn't an option (to the great relief of all involved). <\lj-cut>

So now I'm back at school. It's more like home than Cameron Park, to be sure. Cameron Park is my parents' home, but not really mine anymore. And yet it's very true that home is where th heart is, and a very large part of my heart is almost always far to the south. This is the very, very last time we have to be separated for any significant amount of time. I almost don't believe it...

I'm having quite a time focusing here though. I already had pretty bad senioritis before I left, and spring break didn't help. My most productive thing today was partially converting my thesis from word into LaTex, an entirely unnecessary endeavor. It looks pretty now, although I still have to port the graphs in. I ought to be reading some of my stupid book for soc. I really ought to be doing math econ problems for tomorrow. Heck, I ought to be doing real work on my thesis, the final draft of which is due in three weeks. But I'm not. I'm writing an LJ post.

I guess I'm just really feeling done. Or wishing I was. I want to be done with my classes, down south with Dani, getting ready to get married and start our life together in the crucible of the first year of an economics graduate education (a grueling endeavor, as I understand). It hasn't helped that since I was really sick when I arrived last night I haven't seen most of my people around here, which are most of the reason for wanting to still be here at all.

Hmm, that turned out more angsty sounding than I meant it to be. I'm actually in a pretty good mood, now that I'm not so sick anymore. Entirely unmotivated to do work, but in a pretty good mood. Oh well. The bit under the link is happier sounding. Cheers.
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brinnet on April 3rd, 2007 05:04 am (UTC)
Ooh, I love hearing about the wedding plans :) So cute!

I can definitely identify with some of your feelings...glad things are getting so close to your happy ending!