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23 May 2007 @ 03:17 pm
My future classmates: breakdown  
So, the other day I got an e-mail from the graduate program coordinator at Davis with an e-mail list for the new grad students. I wasn't going to give it a second glance, but Dani openned it up and there's a bunch more information than just e-mails--BA schools and dates, country of origin for international students, and suchlike.

28 students
15 international students, 13 American citizens/permanent residents
11 women, 17 men.

Among the domestic students:
6 women, 7 men
Of the men, 3 will be fresh graduates of '07 while another three graduated in '03 (all of them) and one guy apparently graduated from UC Berkeley in 1992.
Of the women, 3 will be '07 graduates, 2 are graduates of '05.
One woman, get this, got a B.S. in electrical engineering in Israel in 1978, and now is finishing an MA, presumably in econ, at San Jose State.
Only 4 are graduates of UCs, including Dani and the guy from Berkeley.
2 are entering with MAs

Among the foreign students
10 men, 5 women
6 are from China, 5 from South Korea, 2 from india, and one each from Bangladesh and Mexico
7 are entering with MAs, and two others have done graduate coursework
3 are entering with two MAs
One woman, interestingly enough, has her MA from UC Davis...but in microbiology.

Sounds like an interesting bunch of people, potentially.