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14 August 2008 @ 02:50 pm
On tags and other nonsense  
Not too much going on the last week or so; I have, however, finally found a research project that might actually fill some time. I found and downloaded a couple dozen papers to read yesterday and just reading through those ought to take another week or so, even if the idea doesn't pan out :).

Also, the last few days I went through and added tags to all the posts in this journal. Kinda interesting, partly because of the odd process of doing the tagging, and partly because it meant I more or less read through everything I've posted here over the last two years (aside: I've really been using it for a little over two years? huh.) Interesting seeing what my head (or at least the part of my head that I stuck out into cyberspace) was doing during the last two years. A couple observations: 1) Man, I sure was grouchy during fall semester of my senior year. 2) The tags "arg" and "awesome" ended up going on the same posts with surprising frequency. Not sure what that means.